About Us

Established in London in June 2006, Triumphant Events
was founded to assist entrepreneurs / business owners in three areas...

Inspire, Educate and Implement

After rejecting the corporate status quo, entrepreneurs often find themselves lacking the support of a tight-knit community of like-minded business owners and the distinctions they need to grow their business.

Our speakers are world class in their particular field of expertise and can also effectively communicate the key distinctions that enable them to reach such high levels of success. It is our belief that successful people enjoy sharing their "secrets of success" when it is made easy for them to do so, and that is exactly what Triumphant Events does.

The most powerful and profound speakers are given an opportunity to spread their ideas with discerning guests that appreciate the impact an idea can have. Likewise, our events are a reliable meeting place for like-minded people ... empowering you along your journey.

Triumphant Events has often been featured in mainstream media (such as BBC Radio, The Business Channel, The Daily Telegraph) as a leader in our field, dedicated to supporting the entrepreneurial community of the UK.

If you're running a business (or even just starting out) and looking for breakthrough results you've come to the right place. [Take a look] at some of the events we have coming up and we hope to see you there.

We spread powerful ideas and connect powerful people.

Effective Giving

Each year Triumphant Events assists worthy causes in the following ways:

  • Directly giving part of our profits to Charities
  • Raising funds for charities
  • Generating further awareness for causes that particularly inspire us
  • Spreading a message that businesses have a huge opportunity to give effectively
  • Providing strategic advice at a board level to charities and community projects

Some of our proudest achievements in the area of effective giving are:

  • In our first 12 months of operation we donated funds to The Hunger Project(2000), Global Angels (4700), and StepUP Foundation(2500).
  • Our founder and director, Daniel Priestley, spoke at the 30th annual general meting of The Hunger Project in New York and sits as a business advisor to Global Angels in London.
  • We have raised 17,000 through organising "The Hunger Club" in London with the support of Coutts and Co (who kindly donated one of their board rooms).
  • We raised 3200 through a charity auction for Young Enterprise London.
  • We've helped Peace One Day raise over 200,000 in 18 months.

Key People

Daniel Priestley - CEO

Daniel Priestley, 30, is a successful entrepreneur, international speaker and best-selling author. Daniel started out as an entrepreneur at 21 years old and has since built several successful businesses in the UK, Australia and Singapore.

His belief is that an Entrepreneur Revolution is unfolding. Daniel predicts that a great trend towards self-employment is emerging. In the same way that the Industrial Revolution caused a sea change from cottage industry to factory labour, the entrepreneur revolution will provide the chance for billions of people to turn their passion into their own small business.

"Several trends are converging that give a serious upper-hand to small business over big business. In the future, the big businesses that will survive will be the ones that figured out how to partner with a lot of small businesses. Highly talented people will identify themselves as entrepreneurs rather than employees. Work on demand will replace careers and people will get involved in projects as opposed to long term employment."

Daniel Priestley was featured in the Book "Secrets of My Success" along side some of the world's most well known entrepreneurs.

He developed the Key Person of Influence strategy, wrote the best-selling book "Become a Key Person of Influence" and developed an intensive 30 week incubator programme based on these insights.

Marcus Ubl (B. Ent Mgt) - COO / CTO

Marcus Ubl, 30, is a successful entrepreneur, COO and CTO with extensive experience in technology, design, systems and marketing.

Marcus believes we have entered unique times since the advent of the internet (more specifically fast broadband), powerful computing, and fast/affordable inter-continental travel. It's now possible for small groups (sometimes not even in the same locality let alone time-zone) to collaborate on a business and turn what begins as an idea into a thriving enterprise.

Based on this he has co-founded several ventures that are designed to assist business owners make their businesses more visible, profitable, fun, connected and fulfilling.

He created the KPI brand and continues to refine the incubator programme offering.

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